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Entry fees for Gulab Bagh and Zoo

1.Entry to the gardenRs. 25
2.Zoo feeRs. 5
3.Camera fee (only for zoo)Rs. 15

Timing of Gulab Bagh and Zoo

1. 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Zoo only)Everyday

Note: Gulab Bagh is open 24 hours, the zoo is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Nature is the most important teacher in our lives, teaching us the value of living in balance with all of the planet’s elements. However, staying close to nature has become increasingly difficult due to ever-changing environmental conditions.

The concept of wildlife sanctuaries and gardens emerges as a result of this. The Gulab Bagh, in the Udaipur region of Rajasthan, is one of the most beautiful and well-kept animal and plant habitats.

Gulab Bagh, commonly known as the Udaipur Zoo, is a 100-acre park in Udaipur. It is the largest comprehensive garden in Udaipur, making it a must-see for flora and fauna lovers. The garden contains a diverse range of items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasant in nature. These unique views are worth remembering.

The name of the location comes from the number of roses that can be found here. The Gulab Bagh’s lotus pond is breathtakingly lovely, it’s a visual feast for the eyes. The pond’s crystal clear blue water and floating pink lotus with green leaves are extremely restorative.

Top 5 things about gulab bagh !

  • The Zoo is situated in the Garden and shelters a wide range of animals.
  • For the Arya Samaj, Navlakha Mahal is a holy site and is situated in the Gulab Bagh’s central region.
  • The Saraswati Library, located in Gulab Bagh, is Rajasthan’s first library. Antiques, curios, royal household goods, and other historical artifacts are housed in the museum, which is well-known and spectacular. It houses 32,000 books on history, archaeology, and Indology, as well as some manuscripts. For a period of 14 days, books can be borrowed from the library.
  • The Zoo has a little toy train that is available for both adults and children to ride for a minimal fee. The toy train leaves and returns from the Luv Kush station.
  • Kamal Talai is a large artificial water feature located in the garden’s northeast corner. It has an oval shape to it.


Gulab Bagh is a historic sub-city park containing ponds, a library, a zoological park, temples, and numerous government offices. Only two of the park’s four gates are open to the public.
There are 350 two-wheelers and 50 four-wheelers spaces available for parking in the garden. The park features a rusty yet lovely perimeter wall that is 3-5 meters tall and built of concrete, stone, and brick.


Gulab Bagh was built during the reign of Maharaja Sajjan Singh in 1881 and preserves the beautiful history of the Mewar Dynasty. The Sajjan Niwas Garden was another name for this garden. The zoo in this garden is the fourth oldest in the semi-continent. In Indian medicine, the garden is extremely important. You’ll be surprised at how many therapeutic plants you can find.

In the 1920s, the garden engaged a Madras-based gardener named T.H. Story to grow medicinal plants. All of the plants and trees in the Gulab Bagh have nameplates set under them to improve knowledge and make it easier for visitors. In both Hindi, the mother tongue, and English, the nameplates have a systematic botanical name inscribed on them.

Many rare antiquities and stone manuscripts dating back to the third century are on display at the museum. Earlier, a statue of Queen Victoria could be seen on the opposite side of the Victoria Museum. In 1947, however, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi was erected to commemorate India’s freedom.


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Location of Gulab Bagh

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