Bahubali Hills Udaipur -The 360-degree panoramic View (2021)

Bahubali Hills udaipur

Bahubali Hills Udaipur is located 10 miles away from the center of Udaipur, on the shores of Badi Lake. From the past few years, this place has become very popular among the Udaipurites and tourists of Udaipur. Especially this place has become a popular place for those who want to hold a pre-wedding photo session. The 360-degree panoramic view of Lake with Aravali Mountains in the background makes the eyes very soothing.

The Bahubali Hill located on the Badi Lake was introduced by a few pleased younger locals of the city, who went on an uncalled exploration excursion close to the lake. They then stumbled upon this hill that might be climbed upon through an unstructured pathway. Climbing up at the hill, the aerial remarkable short view of the Lake and valley made them unfold the phrase about this retreat. This hill was later named by the youths when the well-known film Bahubali was released, which was primarily based on a courageous man named ‘Bahubali’ who couldn’t be defeated however later murdered through deception by his near one.

Enthralling, captivating, and mesmerising are just a few adjectives to describe Bahubali Hills. The view from the top of the lake and hill truly justifies all of the adjectives mentioned above and more.

Now, there is a right parking system, regulated by an elder of the village who ensures that the car stays effectively parked and you must walk along a small path. It takes about 15-20 minutes to hike up to the main spot on Badi Lake, which is surrounded by hills on three sides. The view is indeed lovely and tranquil, giving a sense of peace and merriment.  For nature lovers, this is a must-see. The group traveling often needs a tea so a small tea keep has additionally been opened on the pinnacle serving refreshments with the view. The walkway with such a lot of humans traveling each day has been now clean to trek and may be executed by everyone.

Best time to visit Bahubali Hills

  • From the hill, you can see a spectacular sunrise and sunset. Because the Hill is located in a forest and there are no proper street lights, it is not recommended to visit after dark.
  • Bahubali Hill is an ideal location for photographers and selfie enthusiasts because it is quite photogenic and can produce a plethora of stunning images. However, when taking photographs, one must exercise caution because there are no fences to prevent one from falling or being injured.

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How to reach Bahubali Hills

The Bahubill hill stands tall at one of the far ends of Badi Lake, approximately 6 kilometres from the famous Fateh Sagar Lake. Search Bahubali Hills on Google Maps and when you get close to it, look for a sign that says Nathavato Ka Guda. Take a left from there and you’ll see a stone with the words Bahubali Hills Parking. If you’re still unsure, it’s always a good idea to ask the locals. There is plenty of parking available, and the fee is INR 10.

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Bahubali hills Udaipur location through Google Map

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