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The Sanwariya Seth Ji Mandir of Lord Krishna is located on the Chittorgarh–Udaipur Highway, about 40 kilometres from Chittorgarh, in the towns of Bhadsora, Mandaphiya, and Chapar. The deity is also known as Shri Sanwariya Seth and is well-known in Hinduism. Sanwariya Seth Ji Mandir is also known as sanwaliya ji mandir

Sanwariya Seth Ji Darshan Timing:

Sanwariya Seth Ji Mandir

According to locals, in the year 1840, a milkman named Bholaram Gurjar dreamed of three divine idols buried underground in the Chapar village of Bhadsoda-Bagund; upon excavating the site, three beautiful idols of Lord Krishna were discovered, as revealed in the dream. One of the statues was taken to Mandaphiya, another to Bhadsoda, and the third remained at Chapar, where it was discovered. All three locations were turned into temples. These three temples are all within a 5-kilometre radius of one another. Sanwaliya Ji’s three temples became well-known, and devotees have been flocking to them ever since. Mandaphiya Temple is known as the Sanwaliya Ji Dham among these three temples (abode of Sanwaliya).

Sanwariya Seth Ji Mandir

Mandaphiya, located 40 kilometres from Chittorgarh, the historic city of valour and devotion, is now known as Shri Sanwaliya Dham (the residence of Lord Krishna) and is second only to Shri Nathdwara among Vaishnav sect followers. When people visit Shri Sanwaliya Seth’s Darbar, they believe that all of their wishes are granted.

History of Sanwariya ji Mandir

Three statues of Lord Krishna emerged from there in 1840 when he dug the acorn of Acacia that was impeding the construction of a raw road to be torn from Udaipur at the time of the then Mewar state.

Sanwariya Seth Ji Mandir

History of Sanwariya Seth Ji Mandir

These statues, according to Kivandati, was invited by Naga monks who were hiding in the ground here for fear of the invaders. In Kalantar, an acacia tree grew. While digging for the tree’s roots, the workers notice the hidden three beautiful avam adorable statues of Mr Sanwaliyaji in the geology. And the locals were overjoyed.

Bhadasoda village, which has a history of over 1000 years, is close by Patha, the sister of Veer Prithviraj Chauhan of Ajmer and Delhi, married Rana Samar Singh of Chittor. Following their marriage, the slaves with the patha and chieftain Chittar approached Rana Samar Singh, who granted them 12 villages in Jagir. This group also included Bhadasoda village.

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