What is Paryushan | What is the importance of Paryushan? 2022

what is paryushan

For the whole Jain community around the world, Paryushan Parva is the monarch of all festivals. As a result, Parva Dhiraj is another name for it. During this festival, every Jain tries to follow the core principles of Jainism, which are:

  • Right knowledge
  • Right faith
  • Right conduct

These are the three most important factors in achieving Nirvana and liberty. By breaking the word Paryushan into two pieces, we can easily understand what it means: Pari means to recollect yourself, and Vasan means at a location; in whole, it means to know or recollect yourself at a place in your spirit.


Paryushan is the season for saying sorry and cleaning away the dirt that has formed on our soul in the form of karma. The festival celebrates spiritual awareness and is one of the Jain religion’s most important annual celebrations. The festival will take place over the course of eight days. Paryushan begins on Shravan Vad 12th or 13th and concludes on Bhadarva sud 4th or 5th (late August – September) every year.


This festival provides an opportunity for everyone to engage in self-reflection and serious introspection. It also serves as a reminder that the ultimate and primary goal of life is to achieve Nirvana rather than consumerism. Paryushan represents a number of key practises, including:

  • Nonviolence (Ahimsa)
  • Engaging in self-discipline (Sanyam)
  • Partial or complete fasting Penance (Tapah)
  • Study of Scriptures (Swadhyaya)
  • Introspection (Pratikraman)
  • Repentance (Prayaschitta)


Jains studied religious literature and scriptures based on Jainism’s ideals during Paryushan. During the event, many Jains also do Pratikraman. The word Pratikraman is made up of two words: Pra, which means return, and atikraman, which means breach. It literally means “returning from the violations.”

The 5 major things Jains aim to practise during the Paryushan days are listed below:-

  • SADHARMIK VATSALYA: It refers to the well-being of other Jains.
  • AMARI PRAVARTAN: Ahinsa, or nonviolence, is another important part of this event.
  • ATTHAMA TAP: One of the most important parts is fasting for several days. People also follow ayambils, which is eating only one meal of bland food during the day.

Other forms of taps are:

  • Ekashana: Only eating once a day
  • Byasana: refers to the practise of eating twice a day.
  • CHAITYA PARIPATI: It entails daily temple visits, pilgrimages to holy sites, and worship, prayers, and meditation to give homage and devotion to Lord Mahavira.
  • KSHAMAPANA: It is one of the most important aspects of the festival’s celebration. Kshamapana is the Sanskrit word meaning forgiveness. It entails requesting forgiveness from all those we may have wronged in the past or now. It also entails forgiving those who have wronged us and forgiving them for their flaws and flaws.
  • SAMVATSARI: Samvatsari is the eighth and last day of this eight-day celebration, and it is the most important of them all. The majority of Jains try to fast and gather to do the Pratikraman. This is also the day when everyone requests that they be forgiven and forgotten – Tass Michami Dukkaram.

Paryushan is a ‘parva’ in which all Jains attempt to discipline themselves, rather than just a holiday to rejoice and enjoy. People aim for greatest simplicity and purity in everything they do, from food to clothing, ideas to acts. Underground beets and roots are not eaten by Jainis. After sunset, meals are avoided. Vaas and Upwasa are also performed to purify the soul and body.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that new generations are now viewing this purity festival as a burden. They only see it as a problem when they are required to adhere to several regulations. They are oblivious to the reasons for celebrating this occasion. Still, gurus and marasas are attempting to re-establish religious faith in the manner in which it was once held.

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