Goram Ghat Full Guide – The Hidden Heaven in Udaipur

Goram Ghat Full Guide – The Hidden Heaven in Udaipur

Goram Ghat, located in the remote hills of northern India, is a hidden heaven that remains largely undiscovered by tourists. Nestled in the lower Himalayas, Goram Ghat is a peaceful retreat that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Goram Ghat Full Guide – The Hidden Heaven in Udaipur

The area is known for its natural beauty, with dense forests and clear streams that flow through the ghat (a mountain pass). The local flora and fauna are diverse and varied, making this location a paradise for nature lovers.

Despite its remote location, Goram Ghat has a rich cultural history. It was once a major trading route between India and Tibet, and the area is dotted with ancient temples and monasteries that are still in use today. The local people are friendly and welcoming, and visitors can learn about their traditions and way of life by participating in village homestays.

While this may not be on the usual tourist circuit, it is definitely worth a visit for those seeking a peaceful and authentic travel experience. The area is best explored on foot, with several trails leading to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden waterfalls.

So if you’re looking to escape the crowds and get away from it all, consider visiting Goram Ghat – the hidden heaven of northern India.

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History of Goram Ghat:

Goram Ghat has a long and rich history that dates back centuries. Located in the lower Himalayas, the area was once a major trading route between India and Tibet. The ghat (mountain pass) was used by merchants and travelers to cross the Himalayas, and it played a crucial role in the cultural exchange between the two regions.

The area is also home to a number of ancient temples and monasteries that reflect its spiritual significance. The oldest of these, the Rinchenling Monastery, was founded in the 12th century and is still in use today.

In addition to its cultural and spiritual history, Goram Ghat has a rich natural history. The area is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species such as the snow leopard and red panda. The forests and streams of Goram Ghat have long been a source of livelihood for the local people, who have lived in harmony with the land for generations.

Today, it remains a largely undiscovered gem, offering visitors a chance to experience a slice of India that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Whether you’re interested in its history, culture, or natural beauty, Goram Ghat is a destination that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Goram Ghat Full Guide – The Hidden Heaven in Udaipur

Overview of Goram Ghat

  • To experience the wonderful Goram Ghat, one must take a train from the Khamli Ghat station to the Goram Ghat station.
  • Although the train initially departs from Maavli, most tourists choose to board at Khamli Ghat.
  • The Rajsamand district’s Devgad is not far from the Khamli ghat.
  • Despite just being 14 kilometres apart, the train ride from Khamli Ghat to Goram Ghat takes around an hour due to the steep and difficult rail track.
  • Additionally, this train’s pace can be characterised as being relatively slow. But on the plus side, the voyage charms a person with its captivating natural scenery.
  • According to, the primary attraction is actually the train ride.
  • According to travellers who have visited Goram Ghat, the train ride is actually the primary attraction because it is far more gripping than the actual spot.
  • Once at the Goram Ghat station, travellers must descend a path to a magnificent waterfall where they can take a bath and take in the pristine beauty of nature.
  • There , you may also visit a number of temples, including those dedicated to Gorakhaath Ji, Lord Shiva, Bheru Nath Ji, Heenglaaj Mateshwari, and Peepleshwar Maharaj, among others.

Additional Information

Here are a few additional points of information about Goram Ghat:

  • How to get there: Goram Ghat is located in the lower Himalayas of northern India, in the state of Uttarakhand. The nearest major city is Dehradun, which is about a 5-hour drive away. From Dehradun, you can take a bus or hire a private taxi to reach. The area is also accessible by train, with the nearest railway station being Rishikesh, which is about a 3-hour drive away.
  • Best time to visit: The best time to visit this place depends on what you’re interested in. If you’re looking to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, the best time to visit is from April to June and from September to November, when the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear. If you’re interested in experiencing the local culture and traditions, you may prefer to visit during one of the major festivals, such as the annual temple fairs that take place in the area.
  • Accommodation: There are a few guesthouses and homestays in Goram Ghat, as well as a few small hotels. These offer basic but comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. There are also several campsites in the area, which are a good option for travelers who prefer a more rustic experience.
  • Things to do: In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of Goram Ghat, there are many other activities to do in the area. You can visit the ancient temples and monasteries, participate in village homestays, go birdwatching, fishing, or visit the local market to shop for handicrafts and souvenirs. You can also take a day trip to nearby attractions such as the Rishikesh and Haridwar, which are both known for their spiritual and cultural significance.

Timings of Boarding of the Train

  • Boarding time from Khamli Ghat Station is 10:00am.
  • Boarding time from Goram Ghat Station is 4:00pm.

In conclusion, Goram Ghat is a hidden heaven located in the lower Himalayas of northern India. It is a peaceful and remote retreat that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, as well as a rich cultural and natural history. Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities, spiritual exploration, or experiencing the local culture, it has something to offer for every traveler. So if you’re looking to get away from it all and experience a slice of India that remains largely unchanged, consider visiting Goram Ghat – you won’t be disappointed.

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